Electro-galvanized sheet metal sheet metal processing applications
Release time:2013-07-25

Galvanized sheet characteristics: Galvanized steel coils cold rolled coils for the general substrate in a continuous galvanized production line after degreasing, pickling, electroplating and various post-processing of the process, it becomes an electro-galvanized products, fingerprint resistant electroplated galvanized steel is galvanized steel exterior for chromium Zhui salt coating treatment, coated with a layer of special organic coating, this coating has excellent fingerprint resistance.
Fingerprint resistant galvanized steel plating of its characteristics are as follows:

Corrosion resistance: Steel is a metal will rust, but if the zinc layer covering the surface of the steel, the steel will not rust. Galvanized steel surfaces if after chromate treatment, its corrosion resistance will be better. With fingerprint resistance of electro-galvanized steel in chromate coating system on and then coating the organic coating layer of about 1μ, this way, corrosion resistance and a step further.

Painted sex: Galvanized steel before painting mostly phosphate coating treatment to go through in order to ensure the film's adhesion. However, fingerprint-resistant surface coating products, lye or solvent cleaning may be through directly after painting. The film also has excellent adhesion, and can omit the step of phosphate coating treatment.

Fingerprint resistance and aesthetics: fingerprint-resistant galvanized steel with anti-fingerprint resistance, the subsequent processing of steel surface to be easily stained with oil, and after cleaning still maintain the original appearance.

Alkali resistance and solvent resistance: resistance to fingerprints galvanized steel in Canada often have to go through painting after treatment, however, in order to ensure the adhesion of the film to be put in the machining program buildup oil from the surface of the steel sheet to lye or solvent cleaning, in order to ensure that anti-fingerprint coating or flux through the lye still intact after cleaning, so the fingerprint resistant coating must have good alkali resistance and solvent resistance.